Water Fluoridation: Forced on U.S. Citizens

Water Fluoridation: Forced on U.S. Citizens

Water fluoridation, the practice of adding fluoride to water as a medical supplement, originated shortly after World War II. During and right after the war there were large amounts of industrial waste left over from processing copper. One of the chief components of the waste was fluoride. It is unclear how industrial waste translated into “prevents tooth decay” but none-the-less the United States makes a regular practice of fluoridating public water supplies. The idea that consuming fluoride prevents tooth decay and other common ailments of the poor or those unable to help themselves is endorsed by a number of dental and tooth related organizations. Whether or not studies exist to support the use of fluoride (weighing the costs against the benefits) is still in question. With any institutionalized viewpoint there will be studies and counter studies, each funded by a party that has interests in reaching certain predetermined outcomes.

It is worth noting two things at this point. The first is that the FDA has never approved the use of fluoride as a medical treatment (though it has approved the use of fluoride in bottled water). The second is that fluoride is considered a deadly poison by the CDC. If you swallow even a little more than used for brushing it is suggested you contact a Poison Control Center for help. As an addendum to the latter point it is medically recognized that the area under the tongue is one of the most absorbent areas in the human body (see the application of nitroglycerin for heart attack victims). Fluoride poisoning is especially dangerous in children, leading to decreased IQ, weak bones, poor gastrointestinal function, impaired kidney function, and much more. Read more on water fluoridation and what you can do about it here.


One of our readers from the UK has informed us that the water supply their is fluoridated. We have adjusted the title of the article accordingly.




Neal C. Chambers says:

Forcing fluoridation on people to make their bones weak and their minds weaker? What will they do next, sneak GMO’s into our food? Oh! They’ve done that? And they are arming criminals to war against their government in order to steal more oil? If these are the good guys I’d sure hate to see the bad guys!!!

Rootie says:

Err….All the drinking water has flouride in it in the UK. Shame as this site used to be great but it seems since my last visit, several years ago, you’ve moved over to the dark side 🙁

guerrilla says:


Good to know! I’ll update the article accordingly. It is interesting to know that some of the sources we cite are not doing their own research properly, so thanks for the heads up!


Aussie says:

Australia also has fluride in there water. Some towns have recently had it removed.

AirbrushGuy says:

I got to say, I cannot tell if I am on the Alex Jones or Guerilla News Network! Like Rootie, I too haven’t been by this site in a while and am shocked at how horrible it has gotten. You guys used to have really good articles with credibility and the BEST real world coverage of the Iraq war from the battlefront. Now, it’s been turned into another conspiracy theory sensationalist “accuse who and what you choose” and call it news.

guerrilla says:


I, resident guerrilla, know it. Sensationalism is something that I am learning about and moving away from. My desire is for hard data and reporting on hard data. There will be changes, but like anything worth doing, it is going to take time. Thank you for your comment.

Conspiracy Theorist says:

Minnesota used to have taps around the cities from the old breweries that had fluoride free water available to the public…. There used to be long lines waiting to fill, however they’ve recently shut down the pumps :/ They want us dumbed down, they want us sick, part of the depopulation agenda that’s in process as we speak!

Lester Wise says:

I’m not sure if it is a conspiracy to depopulate or if it’s a simple way for fluoride manufactures to make a quick buck. I think, as usual, it’s a business decision. Make an enormous profit selling toxic chemicals to be used in their own communities drinking water or do the right thing and… I don’t know, not pollute our water supplies. It seems simple but let’s be honest. It is a lot of money.

Lois Anderson says:

Fluoride Action Network
Study Finds Link between High Fluoride & Kidney Stones
The US Health Department also knows this is true, but will not outright state that it is true.

Fat pat says:

What can be done about this really though? Why would someone knowingly put something that would hurt children in our water supply? I would love to see what the study says and what should be done.

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