Vaccine Advocate Asks For Informed Consumers

Vaccine Advocate Asks For Informed Consumers

Dr. Paul Offit advocates the use of vaccines and because of it he receives a large amount of hate-mail (and phone calls, as a matter of fact). In the end all he is fighting for is informed consumers. In his upcoming book “Do You Believe in Magic?: The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine” he takes on the vitamin and supplement industry.

From NBC:

“Yes, I do get hate mail,” Offit admits. He makes the case that the vitamin industry in particular has successfully lobbied to keep itself unregulated while selling billions of pills to an eager and gullible public. “People think of dietary supplements as natural, benign and helpful,” Offit told NBC News. “People don’t think of them as drugs.”

Dr. Offit doesn’t just call out the industry, or just the users of supplements, he also calls out doctors who have been elevated into a guru/celebrity status.

Offit says it infuriates him to see not only ordinary citizens buy into the claims of homeopaths, naturopaths and the vitamin industry, but doctors and hospitals. He calls out Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Deepak Chopra and others, saying they have abandoned science for the thrill of celebrity that goes with evangelizing alternative medicine.

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Nicole Kingi says:

In my opinion if you have a well balanced diet there is no need for vitamin supplements. though I don’t see what v.s have to do with vaccinations. Vaccinations are in my opinion a choice each person has to make for themselves, I have seen the good and bad side effects of vaccinating children so I think people should research for themselves not only the positive side effects of each drug offered to them by doctors but also the negative and from there make their own educated decision. I won’t be rushing to the doctors to give my children drugs that could effect their health in a bad way if it is not needed.

Lester Wise says:

The research into Vaccines and their positive societal impact is incredibly slanted People receiving them(vaccines) with positive effects for themselves and the community is the norm. To state otherwise is disingenuous and potentially harmful. The problem lies with the way drug company products are checked and inspected. There are loopholes around scrutiny and this has been made painfully obvious too many times before. There should be less money involved when it comes to human well being. There are problems when people knowingly sell something they know to be harmful to others because their potential profit margins exceed their tolerance for our human rights. This is certainly more importantly prudent in vaccine manufacturers than in most of the pill manufacturers. It is obscene when corporations sell known toxic pharmaceuticals to the public as safe. While the short term effects are a few tragic side effects including some cases that involve deaths (these should not be brushed aside either), the long term effect of scaring the masses against the use of vaccines and other scientific cures is much more harmful. In my opinion, this can cause a fear against Science and new technology that is one of the most deadly ideas people in the third world can succumb to. We need to force oversight on a scale that is unheard of before in the market of medical manufacturing. Either that, or force the penalty of knowingly neglecting the purity of your vaccine to be so severe that those involved wouldn’t consider it unless they were just crazy. Crazy people will always be crazy, but we can mitigate the psycho’s! It’s the only way I see.

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