Senomyx: Fetus Will Be Used To Make Beverages

Senomyx: Fetus Will Be Used To Make Beverages

Reports of the so-called Senomyx fetus hoax have been floating around for quite some time. It has been reported as early as 2011 by CBS News and other sources. Patents taken out by Senomyx outline the process that uses kidney cells from an aborted fetus to aid in the process of ‘taste discernment’. None of the aborted fetus will make it into the finished products (such as Pepsi’s new line of cola). Because of the agreement that Pepsi made with Senomyx (SNMX on stock exchanges) there have been boycotts called for against both PepsiCo and Senomyx. Because of the enormous pressure on food companies to create healthier foods it is no small wonder that the biggest name in the mass produced food biz are in or have been in bed with Senomyx. Companies like Kraft, Coca-Cola, Campbell’s Soup, and Nestle are in talks with or have done business with Senomyx in the past. We managed to find a source of unbiased news to give you the full story.



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