Ex-SEALS Spotted at Boston Marathon Wearing Suspicious Backpacks?

Ex-SEALS Spotted at Boston Marathon Wearing Suspicious Backpacks?

Pictures of suspicious men have been appearing in the wake of the Boston marathon explosions┬áthat do not include the two brothers who are currently held responsible for the attacks. Some have said that these men are paid CIA goons who are actually responsible, while others have pointed out that these men are former Navy SEALS. What they were doing there, we don’t know.


That patch in the lower left corner is the official SEAL Teams logo (as well as some other popular fictional character’s).



It is interesting to note that some of the officers at Sandy Hook Elementary are these same men. Take a look at this:



At least the man in the middle can be said to be the same man. These men have been confirmed by InfoWars (see the link below) to work for CRAFT International.

Savvy Internet sleuths find images that appear to identify members of the crowd as Navy SEALs. To see the whole story follow the link below.




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