Aeros Airship – From Hindenburg Into the Wild Blue

Aeros Airship – From Hindenburg Into the Wild Blue

For many years after the Hindenburg crashed people have played with lighter than air vehicles only in passing. These are typically no more than a shaped balloon with no internal structures at all. While Aeros, the company that is championing this technology, has been working on developing this technology for a while now, buyers and commercial users of this technology are still hesitant. A previous effort by Aeros for DARPA was covered here. The progress made developing lighter than air vehicles can be seen when it is compared with a newer model here.

The implications of the Aeros airship are far reaching. Transportation of large volumes of goods over distances helicopters cannot travel and delivery to locations that can be completely undeveloped means that exploration, military operations, and many other things will be greatly benefited. Also consider the bad things that can happen as well. There are few times in the history of man when some new technology arises that is not used to subjugate or control.





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